Taste is very good is really super conscience, most like his home of this shortbread outside crisp inside tender soft and delicious

辛すぎて、次の日私の胃はとても具合が悪い,料理の色や匂いは今まで見たことがないので、本当に素敵です ,私はこの料理を私の学友に推薦します

mild spicy is not very hot;eat more flavor;meat quality is also very good also not loose;heating up the taste is very tasty;very like this food


A oily smell;the smell of that oil makes me sick;and a little bit of a burnt smell

매번 모두 특별히 맛있어서 매번 많이 사서 택배는 직접 숙소 입구에 온다

Not delicious smell all disgusting suggest everybody don’t buy here return home to do as delicious as oneself

너무 맛있어서 마파두부를 좋아해

Meat content let people rest assured to eat separate packaging clean and sanitary! Edible and convenient! Let me buy happy rest assured worry!


Quality: High cost performance package :small package weight: ok shelf life: new, freshness: new taste, taste: a little sweet, but just right


It only tastes spicy,It’s too expensive,It’s not worth 70 yuan

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